Grupa MediaM is a multidisciplinary collaboration of experts from various industries. Our main areas of expertise include chemistry, biology, biotechnology and food technology, assisted by a quality team of IT specialists. We operate both on a laboratory level, performing microscale trials, along with process upscaling for implementation in the industry. Our current equipment allow us to offer the following services:


– Extraction and HPLC analysis of biologic materials

– Design and testing of HPLC methodologies

– Microscale organic and bioorganic synthesis

– Determination of content of specific compounds in food matrices

– Basic analysis of food and feed products

– Design of specific devices for the industry

– Upscaling of laboratory processes for industrial implementation

– Trainings in chemistry, biotechnology and food technology

– Aid in evaluation of innovative potential


We cooperate with the Head Technical Organization in Lodz and a number of analytical and chemical organizations and companies. We also aid in design of new equipment for the food industry.